Crazy For Kate:

"Humor, romance and family bonds are the building blocks of this freshly written story. McDonough has a winning writing style. Readers won't want to put this one down!"  
 ~Tanya Kacik, Romantic Times Magazine

"Crazy for Kate is one of the best books I have read in a long time. The romantic tale of Kate and Chris is so sweet yet full of sorrow...  Talk about a romantic, must read."                                                                                          ~Ruby, Fallen Angel Reviews.

"Crazy for Kate was a delicious read.  It was moving in a way that made me cry till the very end. Bravo!"                                                                                          ~Gabrielle Channing, Romantic Interludes

"Kelly McDonough took me back to my own high school crushes and loves. She brought tears to my eyes, butterflies to my stomach, and a continuous smile to my face. The emotion and reality of Crazy for Kate is addicting. This book demands attention until the final page has been read, leaving nothing left to be said!"                                                                                                  ~Cy, Romance Junkies

"McDonough is an excellent story teller."                                                          ~Brenda Ramsbacher, The Romance Studio

"The story of Kate and Chris is the stuff fairytales are made of ... Crazy for Kate is a 100% winner in my opinion, and I think Kelly McDonough is on to something good."                                                                                                        ~Summer Helper, Round Table Reviews

"Thanks to Kelly McDonough happy endings are back in style, and it's about time."                                                                                                     ~Natasha, A Romance Review


Make Believe Bride:

"If you are still a firm believer in fairy tale endings, MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE by Kelly McDonough is one book that you simply HAVE to read!  Following an unusual storyline, it is intriguing and manages to catch the reader's interest from the very first page and sustain it throughout.  The background of the story is impeccable.  The comebacks between Kelsey and Jonathan are refreshing, and the style is sharp, all in all, this is one book I would not advise on missing out!" ~Jennifer Ashraf, Rising Star Magazine, Bangladesh

"The author has given such details that the reader will feel the sand beneath their feet, they'll feel the breeze blowing off the ocean, and see the stars shining overhead. This is definitely a book for the keeper shelf." Five angel review.                                                                                                         ~Donna, Fallen Angels

"This is a very interesting story, well-written, and keeps you reading just so you know how it ends." *Reviewer'sChoice*                                                      ~Wilma Frana, Word Museum 

"Make-Believe Bride was a pleasure to read. The first thing I did after finishing the final page was sigh in pleasure. I absolutely adored this book. I will look for more titles by Ms. McDonough." Four coffee cups.                                        ~Sue F., Coffee time Romance

"For a relatively short book, Ms. McDonough manages to make each word, each scene and every interaction count and provides a gratifying tale of romance with no filler or fluff. This reviewer recommends Make-Believe Bride to any reader who enjoys contemporary romances with hints of humor, and would enjoy reading further tales about the Trent family in the future." Four and a half hearts.                                                                                                            ~Leah, Love Romances


Christmas Wishes and Holiday Wishes:

“Alright, I am going to admit right now, that this is an absolute tearjerker of a tale; it is also the best story I have read of this kind ever.  A heartwarming, heart wrenching and at the same time heartfelt tale of mixed emotion.  I highly recommend this book to anyone, it is a very inspired and enriching tale of love and support...the book is riveting from the first page to the last with unexpected delights in between, showing us we can face what life throws at us, even death and be okay after all.  This will leave you wondering if there really are angels among us and that our prayers to God might be answered after all, just not the way you expected.”  5 cup review                                                              ~Lainey, Coffee Time Romance                                                   

“One word for Kelly McDonough's work is WOW.  This author wrote a wonderful paranormal romance that truthfully made this reviewer cry.  It's so touching and heart felt that any reader would love it.  I fell in love with Eliza for even though she's an angel she is a woman with needs, on of them being love. I empathized with Eliza's pain of losing her parents and the hope of seeing them again but the thought of losing Jason is heartbreaking.  Now Jason is another character I fell in love with for here is a man who is going through a hard time.  He has a little girls to think of but the thought of losing his mother can make even a grown man cry.  This book is highly recommended for this reviewer has never read such a heartwarming and touching romance as is in this book.  Great job Kelly McDonough for creating a romance that shows the true meaning of love and bringing happiness to one family.”

5 Angel Review "Recommended Read"
Lena C., Fallen Angel Reviews