Jonathan Trent never expected to lose a bet that he had to turn over one of his successful radio stations to an old rival.  However, there was one saving grace:  if he married within one month, and stayed married for six months, he could keep his station.  No one would be the wiser because the bet had an iron-clad agreement that if his rival revealed anything of the bet--a bet his family would be sure to disapprove of--he would lose his station to Jonathan.

Enter Kelsey McClaire, one of Jonathan's new hires.  With her beauty and brains, he decides he wants her as his make-believe bride.  Kelsey is shocked when Jonathan presents her with such an outrageous sum of money for playing a role.  In debt and not immune to Jonathan's charms, she agrees.  Before Kelsey knows it, she's richer beyond her wildest dreams and quickly falling in love.