Jennifer Sweet is unlike any other woman.  She's drop-dead gorgeous with a smile that would put Julia Roberts to shame.  When a candid photograph of her appears in the nation's number one selling morning newspaper asking her to "turn herself in," she doesn't know what to think, so she decides to drop the whole thing.  Her best friend doesn't think she's sane in not wanting to know how and why her picture appeared out of nowhere.  She is not about to let opportunity slip through Jennifer's hands.  She does as the ad requests and turns in her friend to the publisher of the number one classy men's magazine world-wide.  After personally talking with the hunky womanizing publisher and discovering how the magazine's photographer accidentally got Jennifer in one of his shots, she decides to set up a surprise meeting for Jennifer.  She assures Bryan Hayes that Jennifer has all the money she needs in her fiance, isn't interested in being famous and generally will probably turn him down and not be his August "It" Girl--no matter how tasteful the magazine.  Once Jennifer meets Bryan Hayes, her world unexpectedly turns topsy-turvy.  How can she marry a man she doesn't love?  And how, oh how, can she have fallen in love with a man she hardly knows but seems perfect for her on every level?  Before she knows it, she's agreeing to be FOR HIM men's magazine's August "It" Girl pending some rules.  For Bryan, it's a no-brainer.  He wants her in his magazine, and he wants her in his life--permanently.  So he agrees to her terms.  Though she's hasn't made love yet, he decides some things are worth waiting for.