Marketing whiz Lisa McDonald is typing when her computer takes control.  A strange message appears on the screen; a message she didn't type.  Then, she turns around only to find a rather large black woman sprawled out on her filing cabinets.  Her plaid shirt classes with her flowered top and yellow knee socks -- never mind the wilted rose behind her ear.  Lisa mistakes her for a balloon delivery person.  When the rather strange woman announces she's no bibbity-bobbity-boo,and she doesn't work for free, Lisa decides she's a beggar.  It isn't until Lucienda walks through the wall, then vanishes and disappears, that Lisa realizes she's neither.  Lucienda announces she's a corporate fairy godmother, and Lisa's her assignment.  Before she knows it, Lisa's married to the engaged owner of the company where she works.  What follows is a romantic romp between two people falling in love, with the help of a comedic and meddlesome fairy godmother.