Will Kate still want Chris when she finds out his secret? Chris is the man of every woman's dreams.  Not only is he a hot-looking construction worker who looks good in ripped jeans and a white T-shirt, he's also got a big heart he'd like to share with a wife and kids.  But because of a childhood illness, he can never have the family he hoped for.Fate has its way with Chris and he winds up working at a church picnic with Kate McKaye, an old classmate.  She's more beautiful than he remembered, and is divorced with two young daughters.  For the first time in years, Chris asks a woman on a date.
Chris falls deeply in love with sexy, sweet Kate.  His only fear is how she'll react when she finds out she can't have all the babies she's told him she wants.  Will she be like his ex-fiancee, whose maternal instincts led her straight into the arms of another man? Or, can she be happy with him and her two daughters?